Spread the cost of quality refrigeration: three months discount frees up cash flow just when it’s needed

Own a Williams fridge for under £24 a month – and only £6.11 a month for the first three payments!

We have partnered with Academy Leasing in order to offer businesses competitive funding solutions and bespoke finance packages suitable for a range of budgets. The package includes the option of a three month period of discounted payments to help lower initial outlay. The three months discount is designed to help businesses by giving them a leg-up as they come out of lockdown.

With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing unprecedented pressure to bear on the industry, the use of modern, reliable refrigeration in order to keep product in peak condition has become even more of a priority for catering and foodservice businesses. Refrigeration equipment plays a vital role in professional food safety and hygiene regimes, but with budgets tightening many operators may not feel able to afford the kind of quality equipment we manufacture that allows them to meet the new standards.

We have been offering competitive leasing options for years, and during the lockdown we have been working to introduce low cost and low risk ways to help businesses get the equipment they need, rather than the equipment they can afford.

We have teamed with Academy Leasing because, as well as being one of the UK’s leading providers of equipment finance, it is able to provide bespoke finance packages suitable for a range of budgets, with flexible terms allowing companies to spread the cost of investment.

What’s more, customers can begin the lease with three lower monthly payments, instead of starting at the usual rate, freeing up cash flow just when it’s needed. For example, a Williams bottle cooler would typically cost around £1,000. Under the new Williams leasing deal the first three months on a five year lease would cost only £6.11, followed by 57 payments of £23.65.

The lease can be used on all types of Williams equipment, from undercounter cabinets, to specialist equipment such as blast chillers and bespoke coldrooms. A single lease can be used to buy multiple products – and it could also cover cooking equipment and other appliances. Plus it can cater for all budgets, from low to high.

“Many businesses are having to make big decisions about every aspect of their operation as part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Malcolm Harling, our sales and marketing director. “The additional benefit of beginning the lease with lower payments for three months will help to free up cash flow during a critical period for businesses, whether they’re new or upgrading. These new leasing options are just part of Williams’ commitment to provide innovative, flexible solutions to meet the challenges of the lockdown and its aftermath.

For a quick quote there’s an online calculator that can be accessed here. 

Leasing equipment rather than buying it has a number of advantages. It allows businesses to access the newest and most efficient technology that might otherwise be outside their budget. Monthly, fixed payments make budget planning easier, with terms starting from 12 months up to 5 years. This monthly payment can also cover any additional costs, including installation, training and maintenance.

Furthermore, companies can claim a tax allowance against any leased equipment, and it does not affect any existing credit lines.