Coldroom Refrigeration Systems

Selecting the most suitable refrigeration equipment is vital in providing efficient and reliable cooling for many years. Williams will help you select the most suitable system for your application from our comprehensive range of evaporators, condensing units and control panels.

Power to your coldroom

There are two main types of refrigeration system associated with coldrooms. Integral refrigeration has the system mounted on the coldroom itself whereas remote refrigeration has it sited away from the coldroom.

Integral refrigeration can be wall or ceiling mounted and is most suitable for well-ventilated areas only. It is the simplest, most straightforward and least expensive. With this format, the evaporator and condensing unit are built into the coldroom.

Remote refrigeration is the most popular and reliable method. It offers improved energy savings and life span over integral refrigeration.

With remote systems, the coldroom’s condensing unit is sited elsewhere, often outside, so any noise and heat from its operation is taken away. Remote condensing units are supplied in a weatherproof housing as standard.


Williams offers a variety of refrigerants, depending on the application for which the coldroom is designed. We work with suppliers to provide the greenest, most environment-friendly coldroom solutions.

Condensing Units

Williams offers three main types of Condensing units - Hermetic, Scroll and Semi-hermetic. All units are quiet, energy efficient and easy to install.


Williams provides three types of evaporators use low energy fans. The three types of evaporators are low profile, box evaporator and the unique Williams Pod evaporator which is housed on the coldroom roof offering low running costs, easy installation and ensures the internal storage area is maximised.

Coldroom Control Panel
Coldroom Control Panel

Control Panels

The safest and most reliable option is the Williams control panel. Housed in a smart stainless steel body, it has a built in isolator, volt-free contactors and a clear temperature display. Low-cost models with plastic housings are available for those on a tight budget, but they will require a separate isolator. Bespoke control panels are also available.

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