Refrigeration for Hotels

With over three decades of experience, Williams Refrigeration’s market leading products can provide a complete solution for every hotel.


Hotels have diverse requirements for refrigeration equipment. Everything from bulk ingredient storage, through to specialised display units, blast chillers, prep counters, cabinets and counters. From smaller family businesses to the largest chains, each location will require a complete suite of refrigeration equipment. With over three decades of experience, Williams Refrigeration’s market leading products can provide a complete solution for every hotel.

Back of house

Getting the right mix of refrigeration and freezers helps to keep your hotel running smoothly. For example, bespoke coldrooms are ideal for bulk storage of ingredients and can be built to fit the available space, or even weatherproofed and sited outside. A comprehensive selection of cabinets and counters allows chefs easy access to the ingredients they use in the kitchen – counters with optional drawers are available for both frozen and chilled storage. To keep a selection of fresh ingredients at hand, a range of prep wells and salad units are available.

Front of House

Case Study

The Beaumont Hotel in Hexham is a classic Victorian building that’s being turned into a stylish, modern, designer venue. The Williams equipment at the Hotel includes a dual temperature cold room, for chilled and freezer storage, a blast chiller and several undercounter units. The counters are all supplied with drawers rather than doors. “The decision to go with drawers obviously increases the price, but the payback is improved service and delivery,” says proprietor Roger Davy. “They make chefs’ lives easier, by making access to and organisation of ingredients better.” Some of the counters also have raised ingredients wells, while those in the pastry area have gantries.

Front of house

The requirements for public facing refrigeration equipment are different. While you still expect them to be efficient and reliable, you also want equipment that looks great. Williams front of house range effortlessly combines functionality and style, making them ideal for use in a range of situations. For example, the glass doors and LED lighting in bottle coolers are a great way to store a range of drinks. For a dramatic method of storing wine, the Wine Tower is a specialist unit capable of keeping up to 248 bottles in perfect condition. For hotels offering self-service, a comprehensive range of merchandisers is available.

Front of House


With the new Chameleon service your equipment can be made to complement your décor, using food safe vinyl that can match almost any colour, pattern or design you desire, and can even be textured in some cases. You can provide your own artwork, or collaborate with the Williams in-house design team to create the perfect show stopper for your business. The possibilities are almost limitless!