Slimline refrigeration for small kitchens.

Responding to the demand for ever-decreasing kitchen space, Williams has developed a range of slim line products that, while compact in size, are big in performance.

Responding to the demand for ever-decreasing kitchen space, Williams has developed a range of slim line products that, while compact in size, are big in performance.

As it becomes increasingly difficult for chefs and restaurant owners to locate prime sites to set up their new ventures many are either making compromises in terms of space, or adapting an existing site. Either of these can lead to a less than practical layout of the kitchen space.

Add in the need to maximise the dining area to increase the number of covers available, and the size of the kitchen could be seriously reduced.

What’s required is refrigeration that fully exploits every last inch of available space.

Refrigeration is often seen as bulky, but by selecting the most suitable equipment from Williams range of slimline fridges, you can achieve a great deal in a small space.

Slim line fridges

Slimline Cabinets

Flexible Undercounter Refrigerators

The Amber range of slimline fridges offers a 20% reduction in depth when compared to standard units.

Despite its streamlined figure the HA400 upright cabinet still accommodates over 400 litres of storage and will operate efficiently up to 32°C, exceeding Climate Class 4.

As with all of our cabinets the Amber range of products will fit through a standard door opening, allowing for easy positioning.

Completing the Amber range are two popular undercounter refrigerators, offering 135 litres and 267 litres of storage respectively.

Refrigerated Prep Stations

Preparation equipment

Flexible preparation solutions

The Williams PW4 Prep Well is a unique and innovative concept that provides the solution for kitchens without the space for a conventional prep station

Compact and mobile, the PW4 can be moved around the kitchen to wherever it is needed, ensuring fresh ingredients are always on hand. The Prep Well’s removable polypropylene chopping board doubles as a lid for the unit, further reducing energy consumption.

Williams also offers a range of Thermowells, including the new TW4 model. These reduced depth, light in weight units can be either placed on top of existing counters, or wall mounted to free up work space.

Refrigerated Slimline Counter

Slimline Counters

Jade Slimline

When space is at a premium, flexibility can be as important as simply reducing the size of the product.

The Jade Slimline counter packs all the punch of the popular Jade standard model but slimmed down to a depth of just 500mm.

Counter storage is great for low level refrigeration and with the Williams slimline model these can be squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

This not only reduces the footprint needed, but also minimises door openings - allowing more space in walkways.

Choosing models with drawers can help to create a more organised system, reducing wasted space and wasted food.

Back of House Refrigerators

Blast Chillers

Under Counter WBC10

Typically blast chillers and freezers are considered to only suit large establishments with plenty of kitchen space.

This is no longer the case with Williams offering a complete range of reach-in cabinet blast chillers in various sizes to suit your cook chill system perfectly.

The WBC10 under counter blast chiller has a capacity of 10kg and is designed to fit snugly under any standard counter top.

When the blast cycle has finished the unit automatically enters storage mode negating the need for a separate commercial fridge or freezer.

Refrigerated Multidecks


Slimline Grab & Go

Moving refrigeration from the kitchen into the serving area is a great space saver for areas such as coffee shops and canteens. Our slimline multidecks can also be located behind serving counters, or incorporated into ‘pod’ style kitchens.

The R-Series of Gem mulitdecks offers superior product visibility with energy saving LED strip lighting and is available with nightblinds, security shutters, rear loading doors and front sliding doors.

When your refrigeration is going to be on show, our choice of colours and graphic panels allows Williams multidecks to blend seamlessly with your décor.


Modular Cold Storage

Removing the bulk of your refrigeration from the kitchen is a great way to maximise available space.

This can be achieved through either modular cold storage or weather-proof external coldrooms.

Williams’ innovative coldrooms have an optional unique space-saving pod refrigeration system. They’re easy to live with, too, since they can be serviced without disturbing the room’s contents.

All Williams coldrooms are fully project managed including site survey, detailed drawings for approval, risk and method statements, installation, testing and commissioning.